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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter Spring 2008 issue-MIGRATions

Readers can be assured that the Spring 2008 edition of dialogue will be addressing topical issues that have been raised in the current edition. These include: global warming: a riposte from historical climatologist Prof. Timothy Ball; an official boost through an official scientific report from the European community confirming the dangers of EMFs as suggested by our comprehensive study =Mobile Giants against You & Bees.

Other features includes: a tribute to veteran Trinidadian writer/poet & publisher Anson Gonzalez;a brief history of Jamaican music since independence; review of the Liverpool International
Slavery Museum in addition to regular features of fine art, poetry, photography, short-stories, commentaries, interviews and a bonus complimentary compilation of world music with the theme: MIGRATions.


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If anyone is interested in finding out more about the International Slavery Museum mentioned in the post above, then visit the main website:

National Museums Liverpool

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