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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Summer Issue 2007 Editorial

In this exigent era, spotlighting WORLD MUSIC has been determined appropriate as a reminder that global creative expressions have not succumbed to the apathy that abounds.

Cultural Literacy demands appreciation of diverse expressions that resist being muted in the face of an ongoing assault on fundamental values of civility.

Guest Editor for this issue is the renowned ethnomusicologist Dr Mark Lockett offering valid pronouncements with expertise of immense value in these times.

dialogue is especially honoured with interviews of veteran writer Ishmael Reed responding about his literary journey plus Minister Paul Scott on his current efforts to resurrect the positive dynamic of a Conscientious Hip-Hop genre.

Readers will be surely amazed and enthralled by the unique selection of tracks on our complimentary CD: CONVERSATions. A bonus supplement which accompanies this release contains further info about featured musicians/artistes, album reviews plus a interview with percussion ensemble: MAWASI by our Caribbean correspondent Brian Mitchell.

dialogue graciously acknowledges their unselfish creative contributions and readers are therefore encouraged to support featured musicians/artistes by purchasing their albums where obtainable. This exciting compilation of WORLD MUSIC is available only to readers by email request.

Our Summer edition examines the farce that is “Global Warming” featuring an opportune consultation with historical climatologist Dr. Timothy Ball, a definite authority on this contentious subject. dialogue is appreciative for his co-operation.

Indisputable dangers posed by Mobile [Cellular] Phones/Masts and WIFI technology are exposed herein as designated responsible agencies, corporate bodies and governing powers still refuse [for whatever reason$/£] to inform or protect the vulnerable public at large. Meanwhile severe damage is being done to the ecological balance of our planet by EMFs (electronic-magnetic fields).

The ongoing manic behaviour of a privileged minority to ambivalently consume resources of Mother Earth despite the misery of a majority is effectively annihilated by Abysinnia Yohannes in VIEWPOINT on the gory trade of African Diamonds: “Patterns of Inequality”. She also reports on the plague of Bleaching Creams as well as her recent sojourn in Malawi.

While Omosun Sylvester updates us on the acute dilemma in the Niger Delta and share information about his initiative for peace in Nigeria.

New voices in this edition include: Lesley-Ann Brown celebrating the renowned literary exemplar Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones) and her paternal Ancestor: the Musician Darlington Brown; Veteran Journalist Activist Elder Donald Hinds shares history of the pioneering West Indian Gazette founded by the revolutionary Ancestor Claudia Jones. While Marcine Quenzer, Enocia Joseph, Delia McKenzie, Omosun Sylvester and Sahera Parveen share their thought-provoking prose.

Our resident columnists: Lennox Raphael continues his intuitive series of interviews with LeRoy Clarke and Pearl Entiou Springer both undisputed creative giants of the Caribbean plus Lars Kraemmer of ART MONEY; while Greek poet-teacher Efi Antoniou adds another stimulating installment of her series “Other tongues”.

Ongoing commemorations for the Bi-Centenary Anniversary of the so-called Abolition of Chattel Slavery are again analysed. Distinguished historian Dr. Hakim Adi clarifies the wider historical context of this legislation. May the ghoulish misleading notion that “unrepentant perpetrators liberated our Ancestors” be decimated.

The establishment of a Heritage Centre on the banks of Thames River in Deptford, London by Black History Group is a step in the right direction. dialogue looks forward to a strengthening of ties with this institution. We anticipate resounding success for its mission as a worthwhile legacy to bequeath succeeding generations.

Alongside our regular features of poetry, commentaries, news, and photography, ConversArt exhibits the artistic agility of Marcine Quenzer, Naa Ahinee Mensah, Mark Carroll, Patrick Githinji; amazing photography by Brian Mitchell, Richard Nagler and Julianna Varnai. This issue’s cover showcases the incredible sculpture of George Fowokan Kelly.

dialogue grows from strength to strength… with devoted readership growing. Our recent triumphant Launch & commemorative Lecture-Dinner in London was an inspiration. It was a joyful experience to put faces to the names on our subscription list. We are eternally indebted to all contributors, well wishers and readers past and present.

The work to maintain channels of communications remains vital: So do pass the Word on. dialogue wishes you intuitive reading and listening for inspirational interpretations of this offering.

May the ancestors be pleased.

The Editor 2007-05-30


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