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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Exclusives planned for our SUMMER edition


a journal for cultural literacy

No. 2/ Vol. 3-Summer-Autumn 2007


will be packed with exclusives and promises to be possibly the most comprehensive. It will also feature a supplement to accompany an on offer complimentary compilation WORLD MUSIC CD “CONVERSAtions”.

exclusives at a glance

Minister Paul Scott speaks with dialogue
on his mission for HIP HOP redemption.

Renown literary giant Ishmael Reed
in a candid interview with our Editor

Dr Timothy Ball shares his
controversial opinion on
Global warming/Climate Change

An unbias report on the dangers posed
by EMFs (electromagnetic fields)

Historian Dr Hakim Adi discusses
the role of London in Chattel slavery & Abolition.

Donald hinds discloses the true history
of Ancestor Claudia Jones & the UK's
first black newspaper-West Indian Gazette.

plus much more

including poetry, essays,

commentaries, prose, photography & art.


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